GWW NRWFinanzministerium - GWW guests at the NRW Ministry of Finance

Discussion round at the NRW Ministry of Finance: Daniel Meffert (l) from S&P organised the meeting with the NRW Minister of Finance, Lutz Lienenkämper (2nd f.t.l.). The tax consultant Janine v. Wolfersdorff and the Chairman of the GWW, Frank Dangmann, were also involved in the intense dialogues.

D – The German promotional products association, GWW, considers sorting out the grievances of the income tax treatment of haptic advertising and taking action against the burdensome taxation of promotional products to be one of its key tasks. Which is why, according to own accounts, the association will be intensifying its discussions with individual Ministries of Finance on a regional level as well as with the people responsible at the Federal Ministry of Finance over the coming weeks and months. The talks kicked off with the Finance Minister of NRW (the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia).

On March 1, 2018 the NRW Minister of Finance, Lutz Lienenkämper (CDU), and his Undersecretary, Dr. Steffen Neumann, under the mediation and involvement of Daniel Meffert, S&P, received the Chairman of the GWW, Frank Dangmann and the Managing Director of the GWW, Ralf Samuel for a discussion that lasted over one hour. Supported by Dr. Janine v. Wolfersdorff, tax consultant and Managing Director of the Berlin Institute for Finance and Tax, Dangmann, Meffert and Samuel drew attention to the industry-relevant income tax legislation and the resulting problems. The representatives of the German association complained about the discrimination compared to other forms of advertising and stressed the concern that this is causing the users and their tax advisers.

In the course of the intense dialogue the tax experts von Wolfersdorff and Neumann were already able to discuss initial solutions, which would lead to a considerable reduction in the amount of red tape. Further reform proposals are to be discussed in detail in the scope of larger discussion rounds with experts in the near future.

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