geiger btc vorschau - BTC and Geiger mergeUK/USA – With immediate effect, the BTC Group based in UK-Hayes is merging with the US-American company, Geiger Brandspiration and will in future trade under the name, the Geiger BTC Group.

BTC is one of the largest privately-owned promotional products distributors in Great Britain and employees a headcount of 55 people; Geiger is a family-run company that has been trading for five generations. The firm has 335 employees and 400 self-employed sales representatives and is also one of the largest distributors of its kind in the USA. The merger between the two companies is part of a strategy to fulfil the demands of the global customers – above all in Europe and North America – more efficiently.

“Our team is excited to be part of the expanding Geiger global network. We have known each other for years and have worked together on many projects.  Because our companies have similar cultures, each bringing with them unique strengths, this formal joining of companies will enable us to better provide the enhanced services that multi-national customers are requiring from their business partners,“ stated Frank Murphy, Managing Director of the BTC Group, who will also run the Geiger BTC Group. “This is a watershed opportunity for our firm, merging with the UK’s market leader,” the CEO of Geiger, Gene Geiger, is convinced.

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