D – The Plagiarius which is conferred by the Aktion Plagiarius e.V., has been putting the spotlight on damage caused by counterfeit products and fakes since 1977. The declared aim of the award that was initiated by the designer, Prof. Rido Busse, and which is feared as a negative award by brazen manufacturers and distributors is to draw attention to the unfair and in some cases criminal business practices of product and brand pirates from all over the globe in order to sensitise the industry, politicians and consumers for the problems this matter brings about. The trophy of the negative prize is a black dwarf with a golden nose, which stands as a symbol for the profits that the imitators make at the expense of the creative designers and the industry. On February 9, 2018 the Plagiarius was awarded for the 42th time at the Ambiente, the consumer goods fair in Frankfurt in the scope of an international press conference.

plagi18 koziol - Plagiarius 2018: “Award ceremony” at Ambiente

One of the seven “Awards” of equal ranking went to the cheese grater Kasimir Original (l): Koziol »ideas for friends GmbH, Erbach, Germany Fake (r): Marketed via a Spanish department store/gift shop with an online shop

plagi18 victorinox - Plagiarius 2018: “Award ceremony” at Ambiente

The Swiss army knife SwissChamp that boasts 33 functions was also among the seven “award winners” of equal ranking Original (l): Victorinox AG, Ibach-Schwyz, Switzerland Copy (r): Sale via the Internet


According to the official accounts, EU customs confiscated over 41 mil. products worth more than 670 mil. Euros that violate rights at the EU borders in 2016 alone. The number one country of origin of the fakes is as before still China, at the same time however according to Aktion Plagiarius, “more and more Chinese companies are moving away from being the extended workbench of the West towards serious fellow competitors on the global markets.” The fakes are frequently commissioned by or sold in the industrial countries; they are increasingly sold via (online) marketplace operators, where counterfeits and fakes that violate rights are brought onto the market via third party suppliers that change their identity as soon as necessary and hide away in the anonymity of the Internet.

In the course of the award ceremony of the Plagiarius 2018, in total 24 entries collected three main prizes and seven awards of equal ranking. The injured parties also included famous companies from the promotional products industry such as koziol and Victorinox. The products that have received awards – since 1977 to today – are exhibited in the Plagiarius Museum in Solingen.


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