Tradeconthor recently launched a new brand called Vonmählen onto the market for its electronic products. The CEO, Julian Thormählen, on the idea, strategy and product portfolio behind the brand name.

Julian Thormählen

Mr. Thormählen, so far Tradeconthor presented its products on the market under the company name. What motivated you into establishing the new brand Vonmählen?

Julian Thormählen: Tradeconthor didn’t see itself as a pure trading company from the very start, but instead as a developer and producer of innovative products. Furthermore, we don’t want to just stick a margin on top of any old item and sell it on, we want to establish strong brands using first-class marketing measures – not least because that is what we enjoy doing. As a young company, we had to first build up the structures that are required for such a strategy. After a year in which we were extremely successful among others with our 2-in-1 charging cable, Zweins, the structures and budgets are now in place and we are ready to roll out a large-scale brand strategy including numerous international sales points – particularly in the retail sector. As usual, we provide the B2B area with own marketing tools and platforms, which are tailor-made to suit the specific needs of the haptic advertising market – i.e. product configurators.

What does the brand stand for exactly?

Julian Thormählen: In future, all electronic products supplied by our firm will be subsumed under the brand. Vonmählen stands for innovative, unique accessories that are functional and intuitive to operate, but which are at the same time emotional. The brand clearly targets the “Generation Digital Lifestyle”. All of the Vonmählen accessories unite first-class quality and durability with a linear, modern look “designed in Germany” and offer perfection down to the last detail.

The new Vonmählen idea is called allroundo®. What distinguishes the product?

Julian Thormählen: allroundo® is the first all-in-one charging cable worldwide, which offers the right connection for all modern mobile end terminals at all times. It features lightning, USB 2.0, micro-USB and USBC connections, which can be flexibly exchanged thanks to the magnetic pluggable connections. Thus it really enables unlimited connectivity. allroundo ® is an own development for which a patent has been registered in Europe, China and the USA.

The all-in-one charging cable allroundo® was recently presented and was a total success.

How do the Vonmählen products arise?

Julian Thormählen: All of the products are based on concepts conceived by us and they take on form in collaboration with famous designers – our “Chief Designer” is the design agency Emami Design in Berlin, with whom we developed among others the Zweins and the allroundo®. The items are produced in China – where we have two subsidiaries in the meantime, one in Hong Kong and one in Ningbo. We rely on fixed production partners with employees, who exclusively produce for us. During the development process, the designers, product management and the production engineers work together closely and intensely. In this way, several months can pass before every detail is really perfect. We also take the customer feedback into account – for instance in the case of the allroundo® we reacted to the fact that several customers had expressed their wish for a longer cable for our Zweins as well as compatability with all connection types on the market.

How has the brand launch gone so far and what can we expect from Vonmählen in future?

Julian Thormählen: The initial feedback was very good. For instance we exhibited at the IFA in Berlin for the first time, and we successfully presented the allroundo® there. Our products also went down very well in Asia this autumn, where German design is presently booming. A large-scale international campaign for the allroundo® is currently running and what’s more we have also entered the new product for diverse design competitions. We have already signed the first exclusive distribution agreements, further are to follow – 2018 is certainly going to be exciting! The mid-term aim is to turn Vonmählen into the European flagship for high-quality electronic accessory products by 2020.

// Till Barth spoke with Julian Thormählen.

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