D – “Manufacturer of joy”, “Inventor of the Dream Globe”, the “Odenwald design melting pot”: There are many attributes that apply to the German company koziol. 90 years ago the ivory carver, Bernhard Koziol, founded the business that has today become one of the most famous European design brands of household and gift items made of plastic. The koziol incentive team headed by Uwe Thielsch took the anniversary as a reason for inviting friends, partners and customers of the company to a vibrant party. On December 7, 2017 the company headquarters in Erbach was initially the last venue of this year’s Welcome Home Tour and subsequently the meeting point for the around 100 guests, who had travelled there from all over the country.

Koziol 90Jahre 0006 - “Cheers to 90 years”: koziol celebrates its birthdayKoziol 90Jahre 0001 - “Cheers to 90 years”: koziol celebrates its birthday

Equipped with party accessories such as golden hats and waistcoats, bright glasses, bow-ties and scarves as well as warming torches, the posse set off for the street food party at a nearby concert and party location, which with its quaint old charm matched the unpretentious character of the event well. Whilst the owner Stephan Koziol let the creative spirit of the company flare up in his speech, Uwe Thielsch introduced the entire incentive team. Sausages and beer specialities from the region provided a large portion of the Odenwald flair, a live band and DJ ensured fun on the dance floor. Koziol proved that the brand is not only capable of bringing people joy with their products.

// Mischa Delbrouck


Photos: Mischa Delbrouck, © WA Media

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