D – As the German promotional products association, GWW announced in an official press release, the two board members Michael Freter and Manfred Schlösser announced during the board meeting on November 30, 2017 that they will not be running for office again at the coming board elections on February 1, 2018. The GWW stated that they regret this decision, but that they acknowledged the fact with the greatest of respect.

IMG 6217 - GWW: Freter and Schlösser step down from the board

Michael Freter

IMG 6182 - GWW: Freter and Schlösser step down from the board

Manfred Schlösser

The PSI Director Freter and Schlösser (owner of the Edit Line publishing company and Chief Editor of the PSI Journal, who is active on the board in the Business Partner section) have been working for the association for nine and 15 years respectively. According to the GWW, they have been important pillars of the executive board’s work for which the association is extremely grateful. At the same time, the GWW said that it understands the reason behind this decision, namely to avoid possible conflicts of interest. The alleged strength of the PSI, with two of the five GWW board members belonging to their organisation had provoked strong criticism from some of the members and the GWW stated that the association had to enter calmer waters again because this is the basis for the successful work of such an important representative of interests.

The board welcomes the fact that the PSI is going to continue to actively support the association work in future in its capacity as a member of the GWW.


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