NL – Wolf Creemers (45) was appointed as the new CEO of Giving Europe on December 1, 2017. The former CEO, Stef van der Velde (58), who as one of the co-founders headed the Dutch import company for 17 years, will continue to serve the company as a Director from December 1, 2017 until March 2018 and will subsequently support Giving Europe in an advisory capacity.

Wolf Creemers vorschau - Giving Europe: New CEO

Wolf Creemers has been the new CEO of Giving Europe since December 1, 2017.

Stef van der Velde - Giving Europe: New CEO

Stef van der Velde will continue to serve Giving Europe in an advisory capacity.

According to company accounts, Creemers’ appointment as the new CEO fits in perfectly with the increasing professionalisation of Giving Europe. Before joining the company, the 45-year-old worked as a self-employed interim manager and consultant. Furthermore, he was a corporate partner at Boer & Croon for many years and carried out management functions, among others at AkzoNobel.

“I will be managing a successful company and I look forward to joining this highly motivated team, and to enable the partners of Giving Europe to develop and grow, and to shape the ambitious future strategy of Giving Europe,” stated Creemers. “It is good that somebody else is setting the course after 17 years,” added van der Velde. “After 17 years, it is good for someone else to steer the course. Wolf has a different management style and he has extensive knowledge. He is a perfect match for the challenges which the company will be facing in the years to come. I will remain involved in the company as a consultant, which means that I can continue to make a positive contribution to the further development and growth of Giving Europe.”

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