1E5Q1862 Golden Juice - Promotional Gift Award 2018: Secure your chance

This is what winners look like: Markus Engelbertz (l) and Ingo Runkel from Golden Juice during the award ceremony of the Promotional Gift Award 2017.

D – Good news for all creative minds: The registration deadline for the Promotional Gift Award 2018 has not yet expired. Designers, agencies and promoting companies as well as promotional products manufacturers, importers and distributors, who submit their haptic advertising products and campaigns by November 30, 2017 have the opportunity to have their work crowned with the coveted industry prize. On top of that there is high-reach PR for all of the winners: The organisers, the Cologne-based publishing company, WA Media, reports on the award winners among others in its trade publications, eppi magazine and Werbeartikel Nachrichten. Furthermore, the award-winning products are honoured with their own exhibition at the HAPTICA® live on March 21, 2018 at the WCCB in Bonn, where the award ceremony will also take place.

Further information can be found on the Award website. Here interested parties can also fill out the application form online. Whereby the applicants are advised to answer the questions in as much detail as possible, since the answers particularly provide the five jury members with an initial orientation in advance.


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