2fpco - Survey: The French highly appreciate promotional productsF – 75% of the French remember a company or a brand that they have received a promotional product from. This was the outcome of a survey carried out by CSA Research on behalf of the French industry association 2FPCO (Fédération Française des Professionnels de la Communication par l’Objet). As such, the promotional impact of haptic messengers in France is on a par with that of cinema advertising and thus way ahead of the other forms of media.

Furthermore, as the current survey also proves, 89% of the French questioned enjoy getting promotional products and 77% wish they would receive haptic messengers more frequently. 77% also keep the respective products in their possession. As a trump for corporate communications and as an effective means of distinguishing a company from its fellow competitors, the selected promotional products should however be original and high-quality are further cognitions gained from the survey. The French additionally also place high value among others on ethical and ecological aspects and on the fact that the items are produced in Europe.


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