GWW 250x154 - GWW is not supporting the concept for the PSI Industry Customer Day 2018D – As the German Association of the Promotional Products Industry, GWW, announced in an official press release, the GWW Board decided at its latest board meeting on September 14, 2017, not to support the PSI’s concept for the Industry Customer Day at the PSI Show 2018.

Following this year’s PSI Show, which the PSI had allowed industry decision-makers to attend for the first time the GWW, as a representative of the interests of the industry, carried out a survey among its members and installed a working committee for trade fairs, which has “outlined optimisation approaches, worked out solution proposals and passed these on to the exhibition organiser”. According to the GWW, the latter had hardly taken these proposals into account in the trade fair concept for the PSI 2018 for various reasons. The PSI has only been able to assure the use of short codes on the admission tickets as well as a limitation on the extent of the customer data collected for 2018. All other suggestions made by the Trade Fair Working Committee are according to the PSI, “as an exhibition organiser ultimately the entrepreneurial decision-making authority”, not implementable. After the decision of the board, which is following the recommendation of the Trade Fair Working Committee, according to the GWW the PSI plans to review the optimisation approaches presented again by the beginning of October, but would obviously not be making any far-reaching conceptual changes for 2018.

Ronald Eckert, Director of the Trade Fair Working Committee, summed it up as follows: “The problems that occurred at the debut event in 2017 were analysed by the Trade Fair Working Committee, these were named and underpinned with improvement proposals. The recommendations made by the working committee have in my opinion not or not sufficiently been taken in consideration. A targeted tightening of the General Terms of Participation, which clearly underlines the domiciliary rights of the organiser, is according to the PSI no longer possible, because due to the rebooking process for the following year that starts directly after the PSI, one would have to intervene in an ongoing process.” The points criticised by the working committee included the rejection of a digital exhibition enquiry system that was favoured by the majority of the team members of the working committee. The usage of gross price lists – i.e. in general on all days of the trade show – was dismissed after making reference to the law against unfair competition and the character of a trade fair. Eckert: “Direct contact between the exhibitors and industry is prevented more on a voluntary basis rather than by explicit general terms of participation.” However, according to the GWW, the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board of the association will strive to bring about conceptual changes for 2019 that are in line with the interests of the GWW members.

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