bulb bottles - Innique AG: 60 years of thirst for innovationCH – In 2017, the Swiss company Innique AG is celebrating its 60th anniversary. The company that changed into the hands of company owner and CEO, Fabian Binswanger, nine years ago sells individualisable sports bottles made of plastic under the brand name Bulb Bottles and also produces special bottle shapes on request.

The company was founded in 1957 by Jakob Kaltbrunner under the name Jkaplast and initially manufactured tubes and pipes using the extrusion process – including according to company accounts also the first Swiss hula hoops. At the beginning of the 1980s the first plastic sports bottle came off the conveyor belt. In the course of the further growth, Jkaplast relocated within the Zurich canton in 1993 moving to a site that spans around 2,500 m² in Grüningen.

fabian binswanger bulb - Innique AG: 60 years of thirst for innovation

Fabian Binswanger took over the company in 2008 and has been running Innique AG in his capacity as the company owner and CEO ever since.

15 years later Fabian Binswanger purchased the family company that was at the time being run in the second generation without an internal successor. Under Binswanger’s direction, the team comprising of 23 employees of the company that was renamed Innique AG in 2014, now focuses on two business areas: As the first OEM the Swiss firm supplies several large customers such as the Isostar drink powder manufacturer Wander with specifically designed bottles, which are exclusively sold under the name of the respective contractor on the retail market. In addition, Innique is further expanding its own brand Bulb Bottles that was established in 2008, which is also available in retail outlets as well as being offered on the promotional products market throughout Europe. Between 4 and 5 mil. bottles leave the factory annually.
The coming issue of eppi magazine No. 119 (October 11, 2017) includes a detailed portrait on Innique.


Photo source: Innique AG

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