CH – The werk5 ag is bringing the Swiss Fairtrade clothing brand Switcher back onto the market. Switcher was founded in 1981 and was considered to be the Swiss pioneer for the ecological production of textiles at fair prices. In 2016, the company had to close down due to financial difficulties. “We were one of the largest resellers of Switcher in Switzerland for over 25 years. We have been able to supply many of our customers, companies and associations with similar products of equal quality since Switcher folded, however in the segment of high-quality work and promotion clothes a vacuum arose after the company went bankrupt. We intend to close this gap now with a new Switcher collection,” explained Tom Schütz, CEO and founder of werk5 ag. Here the company will not merely be reviving the bestsellers of Switcher, but indeed plans to “introduce innovative products onto the market, in the same way that Switcher continued to do over all those years,” Schütz continued. “We are holding discussions with Swiss partners and are working out options for new products, where at least half of the work steps can be carried out in Switzerland,” added Marc Joss, the former Marketing Manager at Switcher and board member of werk5.

tom schuetz switcher 280x357 - werk5: Switcher comeback

Tom Schütz

marc joss switcher 280x357 - werk5: Switcher comeback

Marc Joss


As the license holder of the brand Switcher, werk5 has already had a first collection produced in factories that are SA8000 certified. The international standard has set itself the aim of improving the working conditions of staff members (employees, workers, but also temporary workers). The T-shirts and polo shirts are made of 100% Fairtrade organic cotton and are produced in line with the GOTS guidelines. The collection is initially exclusively available in the store of werk5 ag in Lyssach, in the Bern canton, and online via

With over 40 employees, werk5 is one of the biggest players in Switzerland in the sectors textile printing, embroidery and advertising technologies.

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