Nachhaltigkeitsbericht english 290 - PF Concept publishes sustainability reportNL – In order to grant distributors, industry customers and other interested parties an insight into its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, PF Concept has published a sustainability report. Entitled “Serious about Sustainability“, the 10-page report explains in detail among others the holistic approach of the Dutch company and its efforts to organise the entire supply chain in a sustainable way.

According to own accounts, with the aid of its own management system, the promotional products supplier succeeds in meeting demanding sustainable standards. Regular audits at suppliers check the observance of clear guidelines, the results are analysed using a score card and visualised in four categories. In addition, the quality assurance department carries out training at all manufacturers to ensure the implementation of action plans that are developed jointly and an international team comprising of over 20 employees makes sure that the high demands in a sustainable process chain are further developed and implemented in Europe, Asia and the USA. “When I visit the production sites, I am proud to see the positive change with my own eyes and accompany it myself,” said Ralf Oster, CEO of PF Concept.

The sustainability report can be called up online here.

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