D – Karl Knauer KG took over Hepack druck+verpackung GmbH effective July 3, 2017. Owning 75% of the company shares, Karl Knauer KG has thus become the majority shareholder. Peter Heim, Executive Director of Hepack GmbH, continues to own 25% of the shares. Richard Kammerer, Stefanie Wieckenberg and Joachim Würz were appointed further Executive Directors. “Up until a few months ago we were still rivals on a highly competitive market. Now we can bundle our competences and look ahead to a successful future together,” explained Wieckenberg, managing partner of Karl Knauer KG. “Purchasing the company enables valuable synergies, which our customers and suppliers will also benefit from.”

KarlKnauer Hepack 05 07 2017 01 Original - Knauer takes over the majority of Hepack

Karl Knauer and Hepack are bundling their competences in future (f.t.l.): Olaf Pohl and his daughter Stefanie Wieckenberg (both from Karl Knauer KG), Andrea and Peter Heim (both from Hepack) as well as Richard Kammerer (Karl Knauer KG).

In the course of its own growth strategy, according to own accounts, the Karl Knauer group can now significantly increase its production capacities as a result of the acquisition and expand the food packaging section: Disposing of around 100 employees and cutting-edge machinery, Hepack has long-standing expertise in packing food, sweets and hygiene items. The take-over means that Karl Knauer KG now operates from three locations: in Biberach (Germany), Pniewy (Poland) and Neuenstein (Germany). In total, the group now employees a headcount of over 700 people. It is planned to take on all of the former Hepack employees, the company name is to initially remain unchanged.



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