E – This year Pelican Products is celebrating its 20th year on European soil. The specialist for high-performance protective case solutions and portable light systems, founded in 1976 in California by Dave Parker, opened a subsidiary in Barcelona in 1997 and operates today in over 100 EMEA countries (Europe, Middle East and Africa). “Over the past 20 years, Peli has been serving a diverse group of customers in the EMEA region with products that are manufactured in compliance with the highest and most demanding standards. When I began to push the expansion of Pelican in Europe, it quickly became clear that Barcelona was the right decision for the EMEA headquarters. Barcelona has an outstanding corporate infrastructure, excellent facilities and a port to ensure efficient logistics,” commented Scott Ermeti, Senior Vice President of Pelican Products and founder of the EMEA subsidiary in Barcelona.

peli yak 280x186 - Peli: 20 years in Europe
peli industrie 280x186 - Peli: 20 years in Europe


Peli cases have demonstrated their versatile ability to protect equipment especially in extreme situations, i.e. on excursions to the freezing Artics or to deserts. The company’s lamps are predominantly used in professional areas and make up part of the equipment of firemen, policemen and soldiers among others. Over 90 employees from different cultures, who collectively speak over 15 languages, currently work for the EMEA region.


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