hans poulis 250x350 - IGC Global Promotions founds IGC International

Hans Poulis, CEO of IGC International.

NL – The international distribution group, IGC Global Promotions, has founded a new agency called IGC International. The joint business activities are going to be processed centrally by the office of IGC International in Rotterdam with immediate effect. Hans Poulis, who has already been the CEO of Global Promotions since 2011, is the CEO of IGC International. Besides Poulis, the shareholders of the new agency are the member companies of IGC Global Promotions.

As a central contact partner, the new agency bundles the worldwide competence of the IGC members and thus enables a closer cooperation and a more active access to local markets. “Each country has its own import laws, product requirements and trade & marketing culture. By combining our worldwide knowledge on these issues, IGC International is able to better support our customers, who are seeking to sell their products in different markets,” explained Poulis. “Moreover, IGC International manages everything for its customers, we are able to organise the entire process: purchase, creation, production and worldwide distribution.”

Today, IGC Global Promotions that was founded in 1956 as the International Gift Council, is a collective comprising of 52 partners in 46 countries, who, according to own accounts, employ around 1,800 people in total and earn an overall turnover of approx. 395 mil. Euros. In 2011, IGC was turned into a stock corporation called IGC Global Promotions and has been concluding cross-group contracts with customers and suppliers ever since. According to company accounts, these can now be coordinated even more effectively.


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