iso308 - New ISO standard: Conference in AmsterdamNL – The first conference on the new ISO standard, ISO/PC 308 Chain of Custody, took place in Amsterdam on March 9-10, 2017. The new regulations are to define how the chain of custody of products is to be handled. It was initiated by a Dutch team of experts, who developed an initial proposal over the past 18 months. Around 30 representatives from eight nations and different branches and industries attended the conference. The Chairman of the Swedish delegation was Kjell Harbom, President of the Swedish promotional products association, SBPR (Svensk Branschförening för Profil- och Reklamartiklar) and Vice President of the European umbrella association EPPA (European Promotional Products Association).

“It was very interesting to get to know the opinions of the participants from the other countries,” commented Harbom. “The Dutch draft is strongly oriented towards the needs of multinational companies, whereas the Swedish approach, which EPPA also supports, is more adapted to small and medium-sized companies. The representatives from Germany, France, Japan and England were in favour of Sweden’s proposal.”

According to experts, it will take two to three years for the ISO/PC 308 Chain of Custody to be completed.

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