Sebastian Pass

A – A separate committee has been set up for promotional products within the Federal Body for Mail Order, Internet and General Trade of the Austrian Economic Chamber, which will deal with specific matters related to this branch of industry in future. Sebastian Pass (Reva GmbH) was elected as Chairman, represented by Manfred Janek, Robert Albin Meschnig and Christian Pichler. In addition to advising the members on professional and legal matters as well as providing them with information, main theme topics are also to be addressed in own working committees and the awareness for the high value and particular efficiency of haptic advertising tools is to be further reinforced with the help of workshops and modules for training facilities and events. Legislation and behaviour norms relating to anti-corruption play an equally important role here as the image of promotional products in general. In this way, among other things the advantages of a promotional product in terms of reach, contact rates and efficiency as well as the function of the promotional products trade are to be emphasised.

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