Eduard van Wensen (†)

NL – The Dutch promotional products industry is mourning Eduard van Wensen, Director of the Dutch company, LoGo’lf Line, who passed away on February 14, 2017 at the age of 70. Van Wensen was born in October 1946 and conquered the world of haptic advertising with Webo Promotion in the mid 1970s already. He specialised in promotional products for the golf sport after founding the company LoGo’lf Line in Naarden, the Netherlands in 1993, which he made famous throughout Europe.

“The death of Eduard van Wensen is a big loss – both professionally and personally. We will always remember his humour and hospitality, when he was nearby it was always warm and comfortable,” the obituary of LoGo’lf Line stated.

The business of LoGo’lf Line is to be continued and expanded in line with van Wensen’s business strategy.

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