politze dangmann gww 250x307 - GWW: Politze announces his resignation

The future and the outgoing GWW Presidents: Frank Dangmann (l) and Patrick Politze.

D – At the Annual Meeting of the GWW (German Association of the Promotional Product Industry) held on February 7-8, 2017 in Offenbach, the acting President and Chairman, Patrick Politze, announced that he is stepping down. According to own statements, Politze is resigning as of June 30, 2017. “Almost eleven years of intensive association work lies behind me, now it is time for a change,” the 65-year-old commented. “I had been looking out for a successor, which wasn’t easy because we need someone, who has a lot of experience in the industry, furthermore objectivity and independence are required. Finally, the position as GWW President is also not combinable with a full-time job.” He ultimately opted for Frank Dangmann, many industry players know him as a former long-standing Lamy employee and as a board member of the GWW. The remaining board members were also in favour of Dangmann’s appointment, he takes over the position on July 1, 2017. Regular executive board elections are due to take place next year, when Dangmann’s position as Chairman is to be officially confirmed.


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