275_heriWho does not know this situation? Your client is looking for something individual and useful. With our USB Stamps you certainly will solve this problem for many of your clients. A metal casing with soft touch lacquer, fitting chromium plated, soft rubber tip or all kind of touch screens.

”Wow!” – this practical tool is a real eye-catcher due to its modern and outstanding design, it arouses interest and can do even more. If you pull off one of the caps you will find a USB Stick. The standard version has a storage capacity of 8 GB. From a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces, we also offer other storage capacities. If you pull off the other cap, out flies a well-proven Heri stamp. The precision stamp mechanics are made of metal, the stamp dies are made of natural rubber; they are suitable for up to four lines and available in “pre-ink” as well as in “self-ink” technique. The re-inkable pre-ink stamps coast a capacity of up to 5.000 imprints.

All our stamp products are available with our new online voucher with QR code for a free stamp order on our service website www.Stempelservice.com or with identical stamp texts and logos. Find a direct  link to YouTube for a demonstration video of a stamp order at www.Stempelservice.com.

Further information and products are shown on www.heri.de. The company from the German Black Forest is specialized on Non-Food-communication material with customize-individualized advertising possibilities.

Product information:
Dimensions: 89 x 15
Weight: 28 g
Add space: 10 x 35 mm
Printing: laser engraving and tampon print

Further material and samples can be ordered at:
Heri-Rigoni GmbH
Phone: +49/7725/9393-0

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