NL – This year’s edition of the RelatieZ took place at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht on September 15, 2016. The focal point of the product show organised by the Dutch publishing company and exhibition organiser, Het Portaal Uitgevers, which was staged in a new, spacious exhibition hall this year, was as usual the year-end business. Accordingly, Christmas gift ideas dominated the scenery at the 81 stands, including Christmas hampers, bags and boxes that are referred to as “Kerstpakketten“ in the Netherlands. In addition, a wide range of haptic advertising items that can be implemented all year round were on display, from give-aways to premium products. Including also this year’s trade show gift: Each of the according to the official figures 731 visitors (2015: 818 visitors) received a credit card holder personalised with their own name. A further individual touch was added thanks to the new stand concept of the organisers: exhibition stands made of wood, which the exhibitors could have designed to suit their own tastes.


Photo source: Het Portaal Uitgevers

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