kalfany 250y154 - Kalfany Süße Werbung: Distinction for product quality

D – Kalfany Süße Werbung has been awarded the “Prize for Long-standing Product Quality” for the second time by the DLG (German Agricultural Association). The company received the award for the quality of its products that were regularly tested in the scope of the DLG quality controls for sweets.

The DLG confers the “Prize for Long-standing Product Quality” in order to sustainably encourage companies to strive for high quality. The distinction is awarded to manufacturers, who have had their products voluntarily tested by the experts of the DLG for many years and who have obtained at least three awards each a year. The focus of the quality control is the sensory analysis, whereby features such as appearance, scent and taste are examined, but also the overall picture, shape, decoration, breakage, biting experience and chewing impression of the sweets. The results of the sensory product assessment are rounded off by packaging and labelling tests.


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