262_heriCertified according to ISO 14044 by “denkstatt GmbH”, Heri-Rigoni offers the Printer series CO2 neutrally. Beside the high quality, the XXL-printing area and the up to date design of the Printer stamp products, this is another very important advantage of the Printer Line. In addition to the standard version, Heri-Rigoni also offers the Printer line as a recycling version called Green Line, which is CO2 neutral too. The unavoidable CO2 emissions which have already been seduced significantly are further compensated by investing in climate protection projects (Gold Standard Projects), based on the system boundary “cradle to gate”.

The Printer line is offered with individual name and address text plates, pre fitted prescription stamps for medical doctors or with the Protected Incognito stamp.  With the Protected Incognito stamp device, you can stamp over important and sensible information on documents, letters and other records beyond the absolute recognition. Thereby you can save resources, it contributes to sustainable environmental protection and it is extremely economical.

For detailed information about all Heri-Rigoni products, please contact Heri-Rigoni in Germany or have a look at www.heri.de.

Heri-Rigoni GmbH – Export@heri.de – Tel 0049-7725-939311

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