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D – An impressive new location, a high-quality and diversified exhibitor mix, interested visitors from marketing departments, agencies and the promotional products trade, constructive discussions, creative concepts, interesting facts, “sexy” and “tangibly different” lectures and elated winners at the Promotional Gift Award – the fourth edition of the HAPTICA® live ’16 on March 16 at the WCCB in Bonn, Germany, once again proved to be a real benefit for haptic advertising.

After three years in Cologne, “Experience of Haptic Advertising”, which is organised by the Germany-based publishing company, WA Media, relocated to the newly founded World Conference Center in Bonn this year so that it could do justice to the growing demands of the exhibitors and visitors. The new location went down very well: Particularly the location’s light-flooded foyer with its 2,000 m² glass roof surface that has no supports proved extremely popular. In addition to many renowned companies and organisations from the former capital of Germany, numerous interested firms from the Rhine-Main, Rhineland and Ruhr regions, in some cases even from Berlin, North and South Germany, attended the event. In total, 1,494 visitors were recorded (previous year: 1,299 visitors), which corresponds to a 15% increase compared to 2015. 142 exhibitors (previous year: 110 exhibitors), including numerous brands that are well-known in the retail sector, covered the entire spectrum of haptic advertising – from writing instruments, windscreen sponges and snow globes, to pasta plates, power banks and popcorn, through to washable bags made of paper, individualisable muesli mixtures and notebooks with coloured cut edges.

Not only the products offered by the exhibitors were convincing, the further items on the agenda of the HAPTICA® live ‘16 also met with great approval. The lecture programme (in German language) proved to be a real crowd-puller again. Philip Siefer impressed over 200 listeners with his cool and cheeky, yet always tasteful comments on the haptic upgrade of vegan condoms to “sexy products”. But also the lectures of the other speakers – Melanie von Seht (Bonn-Information) and Sebastian Pretzsch (D2B), Elke Deckert (Pernod Ricard) and Frank Sahler (1.FC Köln – Cologne Football Club) – on city marketing, brand presentation at the point of sale and merchandising à la billy goat (FC Cologne’s mascot) proved extremely popular.

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The visitors were able to find out the communicative potential that haptic advertising media can enfold in the Best Practice special show. Two Brazilian campaigns were among the highlights of the exhibited examples: dolls that get sunburnt, which were distributed by Nivea to children on Brazilian beaches as an edutainment product and the barbecue bible by Tramontina, each page of which doubles up as an accessory for the barbecue – i.e. as firelighters, a knife sharpener, cutting board…

Whereas the visitors were served coffee specialities and interesting facts about haptic advertising in the Facts and Coffee-to-go-Lounge, they were able to examine this year’s 49 award winners in the Promotional Gift Award 2016 exhibition. The event, which scored highly with both exhibitors and visitors alike, was brought to a close by the prize-ceremony for the winners of the award and an evening get-together.

The next edition of the HAPTICA® live is scheduled to take place at the WCCB again on March 22, 2017.

The detailed report about the trade show in eppi magazine, No. 110 (April 13, 2016), can also be downloaded online in PDF format and a video on HAPTICA® live ’16 (in German language) is also available on YouTube.


Visitors’ opinions:

„I found the lecture programme really good, it comprises of concise sessions with great speakers, who come straight to the point. Above all, the HAPTICA® live offers the added value of an individual experience. Each visitor can put together his own trade fair programme from the different components of the event.“ (Tim Schiller, German Telekom)

„As a first time visitor to HAPTICA® live, I was really very impressed. I thought the vibe and atmosphere were superb and it was interesting to see how distributors and end users mixed together. The speakers looked impressive and to have so many visitors engaged was excellent. I particularly liked the emphasis on new products and case studies.” (Gordon Glenister, British Promotional Merchandise Association)

„We work for the Federal Defence Forces of Germany in the Operative Communications Department and are interested in products that we can among others use for application abroad. We have found many interesting items here which we can also use internally in order to position ourselves as a ‘media battalion’ within the armed forces.“ (Vincent Gall, Bundeswehr (Federal Defence Forces of Germany))

„The HAPTICA® live is not a trade fair, it is a real event. And it is an exceptional B2B platform for products and ideas. Someone, who has understood a product, can sell it much more efficiently. In this way, the professionalism of the promotional products industry is increased and the right customers for each product, regardless of its size, price or brand name, can be found.“ (Konstantinos Georgiadis, Promoland)

„Light, simple, clear and effective. You get what you see in a positive way.” (John Swaab, Het Portaal Uitgevers)

„With its wide variety of product and best practice examples, the HAPTICA® live demonstrates that companies put a lot of thought into how they can literally make their brand tangible through haptic advertising – this provides inspiration for one’s own implementation of haptic advertising.“ (Stephan Johland, Heads by Johland)

„The HAPTICA® live is an experience every year, which certainly makes travelling 90 km worthwhile. I can haptically experience the promotional products here that I would like to implement for my company, which has an impact on my buying decisions.“ (Michael Kirschner, Barmenia Versicherungen)

Exhibitors’ opinions:

„We attended the show as visitors three times and were very impressed and now at the fourth edition of HAPTICA® live we participated as impressed exhibitors. The event is excellently organised and we had many concrete enquiries.“ (Susanne Woll, Villeroy & Boch AG)

„In spite of a rather hidden position in the corner, many interesting visitors and important decision-makers found their way to my stand – the day went very well overall.“ (Michael Schwab, Orgahead Consulting & Trading GmbH)

„This is the fourth time we have taken part and we are delighted by the new location. One must emphasise that the visitors here tend to have concrete enquiries.“ (Tanja Damrath, James & Nicholson)

„We were totally impressed by the HAPTICA® live – both our location and the organisation and the catering were all first-class. We made a lot of good contacts.“ (Salvatore Sangiorgio, Andrea Schlesinger, ASS Altenburger/Spielkartenfabrik Altenburg GmbH)

„Despite of our booth being close to the stage with its noise level, the day went extremely well. Although there were four of us on the stand we had our hands full all day and held discussions with extremely interesting visitors.“ (Dirk ter Horst, PF Concept Deutschland GmbH)


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