Anton-Wolfgang Graf of Faber-Castell (†)

D – After a serious illness and surrounded by his family, Anton-Wolfgang Graf of Faber-Castell passed away in Houston, USA, on January 21, 2016 at the age of 74. Under his direction, the global company, Faber-Castell, which he managed successfully for almost 40 years in the eighth generation, developed into a premium brand of international recognition for high-quality writing and drawing instruments as well as one of the leading manufacturers of decorative cosmetic pencils.

“His entire efforts and attentions were dedicated to his family, the company and his employees right until the very end. The management and the staff bow down before an exemplary entrepreneur, who was not only held in high esteem as a top executive and company manager, but indeed because he was a role model as a person,“ according to the official press release of the Faber-Castell GmbH.

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