248heriWhen it comes to stamps we are the right partner. In the daily office use, as a personalized promotional item or for communication – stamps have always been indispensable requisites. Whether a modern colorful self-inking stamp or a trendy writing instrument with integrated stamp or a conventional wooden stamp, we offer optimally tailored stamp solution.

Our wooden stamps are experiencing at present a real renaissance. Beech wood from Germany as well as cellulose lacquer on cotton basis, that guarantees an additional high UV protection and provides an effective protection against fissuring of the wood, make them practically indestructible. Hence they are universally applicable in the office, administration, warehouse or on the construction site. Also available, as a perfect complement, adequate stamp pads produced in accordance with the high DIN-ISO 9001 quality requirements and with the DIN-ISO 14001 environmental directives. The business strategy of our company has remained committed to the premises of quality and environment that are also reflected in the production of our stamp plates, since they are made exclusively from long-lasting natural rubber or micro-foam.

All our stamp products are delivered with identical stamp texts or logos or with our new online voucher with QR-code for a free stamp order on our service website www.stempelservice.com.
Find a demo video of a stamp order directly at the website with link to YouTube.

Heri stamps are – good (ISO 9001) – practical – individual – environmental friendly (ISO 14001) – personalized

Heri-Rigoni GmbH

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