eppa-250x250EU – On June 23, 2015 the European Promotional Products Association (EPPA) held an open board and member meeting in Brussels, at which measures for the realignment of the association’s strategy and structure were implemented. “A project group comprising of representatives of the national member associations and stakeholders was formed, the initial task of which is to conduct the due diligence of EPPA,“ according to a press release. Subsequently, the group that is to be coordinated by Eric Corman from the Belgian association, BAPP, is to work out a strategy, which is to bring the European umbrella association on a new course to the benefit of the European associations and their members. The proposals of this project group are to be presented to the board by the end of September.

A second project group is to occupy itself with the continued implementation of the CSR programme that was launched at the beginning of 2013 that is still not completed due to “organisational weaknesses in the past, which are to be analysed and completely eliminated by the appointed project group,” according to the press release. A representative of the PSI and the Steering Committee, which originally planned and partly financed the launch of the programme is also to be integrated into this working group. The financing of the CSR programme will be organised and supervised by Annette Scott from the British industry association Promota in her capacity as Treasurer of EPPA.

In addition to Scott, Kjell Harbom from the Swedish industry association SBPR, Gabriel Möese Ruiz from the Spanish association FYVAR and GWW CEO Ralf Samuel make up the EPPA Board up until the new elections in 2016.


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