D – On November 14, 2014 the Extraordinarii in Düsseldorf became the venue for a special kind of product presentation: The six companies that belong to the JCK Holding – Daiber with its two brands James & Nicholson and myrtle beach, Fare, Halfar, Karlowsky, mbw and SND – had invited representatives of the press to a preview of their new collections. The six companies also took advantage of this occasion to introduce their jointly developed Choice Family logo.


In line with its name, the location was extraordinary: The Extraordinarii is an exquisite hair salon, which, thanks to its integrated catwalk, offers the perfect setting for presenting fashion items. So, after a brief introduction by JCK’s Business Development Manager, Volker Donsbach, the novelties of each company were presented by four professional models.

After the fashion show, the guests had the opportunity to inform themselves about the details of the collections in individual dialogues with the managing directors, marketing managers and sales managers of the respective companies.


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