Top_Three_Nathan_Lawson_Mclean_Steph_Pearson_Amberley_ Colburn_580x328

The winners (f.t.l.): Steph Pearson, Amberley Colburn, Nathan Lawson McLean.

UK – The BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association) hosted the finals of the BPMA Student Design Innovation Awards at the Museum of Brands in London on June 11, 2014. Sponsors Stephen Barker (B&H Colour Change), Chris Tonge (Ultimate Packaging), Diane Anderton (SPS), Daniel Trigg (Promo International) and Adam West (Touch of Ginger) joined BPMA Director General Gordon Glenister for the final round of judging. Over 100 entries were submitted this year, which were whittled down to just eight for the final round which saw the students pitch their ideas and designs to the live panel. Amberley Colburn was awarded first place with the “Must-Dash”. The product is shaped like a moustache, and was designed with the aim of making shopping easier by enabling the user to carry multiple bags easily. Steph Pearson came in second with the “Coaster Hoopla Set” – a branded game which involves throwing branded coasters at a branded central peg. The third place was awarded to the “Twist, Snap, Share” by Nathan Lawson McLean – an IPhone camera attachment allowing the user to take branded pictures.

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