Sprout-blyanter-spirer_smallSprout is helping the stubby end of pencils to a new life as a plant in the form of the Sprout Pencil. The writing instrument classic made out of afforested cedar wood, graphite and clay surprises the recipient with a fruity interior comprising of a seed capsule made of biodegradable cellulose. Once the pencil has worn down to a short stub, it is not simply thrown away, it can be planted. After no time at all, a range of different plants start sprouting, i.e. cherry tomatoes, green paprika, marigold, dill, basil, thyme, mint or sage.

Whether designed as an onpack, give-away or mailing booster – the “regrowing” pencil that was distinguished with an award in the category Communicative Products makes a perfect promotional product for all those companies that want to convey a green message.

Sprout – Europe & Denmark

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