IST-METZ_smallThe packaging option UV DAYS by IST Metz spices up logos and advertising messages while at the same time providing sustainable practical value. Inside the outer packaging, there is a tinplate box sporting a self-adhesive label, which contains high-quality salt, and a piece of transparent paper folded in a fan-like design, which is integrated into the base of the folding box. Once the tin of salt is removed, the folding box can be turned into an ambient table lamp by simply pulling up the folded paper and activating the integrated LED tea-light. If the base of the packaging is scanned using a smartphone or tablet PC and the IST Metz app, the mobile device displays the packaging that has been redesigned into a romantic light source as an animation.

The high-quality print product was developed as a customer gift for IST Metz GmbH’s in-house trade show, which illustrates the manifold fields of application of the UV systems offered and strives to do justice to the fair’s motto “Future of Print”. The innovative and original item that carries the “made in Germany” quality seal is a multi-functional, trend-setting product, because it is enhanced by web-based contents and thus provides added value at the POS. These arguments were convincing enough to earn the product a Promotional Gift Award 2014 in the category Packaging.


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