Der-Zuckerbäcker-WM-Rasen_smallDer Zuckerbäcker landed itself a Promotional Gift Award 2014 in the category Give-aways with a tasteful World Cup product. Besides drums, whistles and trumpets, the edible World Cup turf is guaranteed to go down well with the fan community in the football 2014 year – and is bound to be devoured directly.

The apple-flavoured shoelaces are packed inside a PET glass-look jar with an aluminium lid. The label of the jar can be four-colour imprinted and on request the promoting company can also have a label placed on the inside of the lid that is imprinted with sales promotion measures, voucher campaigns or further advertising messages. Furthermore, every sweet jar contains a chewing gum in the form of an edible football that is positioned right behind the window of the label. Since both the football and the turf are positioned by hand, individual designs are even possible for smaller order volumes. For example turf in corporate colours and edible cables are just two of many possible options. The sweets are mostly branded products. Der Zuckerbäcker consciously implements well-known products, because these achieve a high recognition effect and arouse childhood memories.

The edible turf can optionally be designed in the form of a golf course.

Der Zuckerbäcker GmbH

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