IMG_4244_smallIn the period from November 2012 to November 2013 the Club Holiday provider Aldiana ran their “Jubilant summer 2013 – 40 years of Aldiana“ campaign, which targeted their major sales partners. To commemorate this occasion, Verticas designed a jubilee calendar with 24 little doors to open up. The calendar was sent to 1,000 travel agents in May 2013. Behind each little door there was a small brand-name sweet and a question, which the recipient had to answer in order to take part in a prize-draw. Prizes were raffled off every week among people who had submitted the correct answers – the prizes ranged from give-away sets, to premium items such as watches, through to the main prize of a free holiday in the Aldiana Club in Cyprus. According to company statements, the inventive campaign that was rewarded with a Promotional Gift Award 2014 in the category Best Practice, contributed towards a 3.8% increase in turnover for the season.

The contents and design of the sustainable jubilee calendar, which was produced in collaboration with workshops for the disabled, can be selected at will which means its high communicative potential can also be implemented for other campaigns.

Verticas GmbH

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