DuPont_Anzeige_Schalke_13x18cm_smallPrint & Cook by Warimex makes use of a unique and very prominent advertising surface. Thanks to the innovative customising technique Teflon® Print Designs by DuPont, the inside of Teflon-plated frying pans, which couldn’t be used for advertising purposes up until now, can be turned into an advertising surface. The technique involves the use of special printing inks that are patented by DuPont and which even display high colour stability when exposed to alternating temperatures. Furthermore, the imprint is protected from damage by the transparent top coat of the high-quality, 3-layer seal. The integration of logos and advertising messages in the non-stick coating of the pan is guaranteed to catch the user’s attention for the entire duration of its service life und according to the unanimous verdict of the jury offers promoting companies a “new and very prominent place for displaying advertising messages“. This ultimately resulted in the technique claiming a Promotional Gift Award 2014 in the category Customising Technologies.

Among other things, the individualised frying pan can be implemented as a fan and merchandising item.

Warimex GmbH

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