bunjeeA hasty movement of the hand, greasy fingers – and the damage is done: the smartphone slips out of the hand and sails to the floor. If you are lucky, the only damage is scratches on the case and a cracked display. myBunjee puts an end to this. The product by Bunjee Products  that was distinguished with a Promotional Gift Award 2014 in the category Give-aways comprises of a cord with a flexible silicon loop, which is simply slipped around the mobile phone and safely fastened. There is a clip on the other end that can be attached to a jacket, trousers, rucksack, bag, etc. Hence, the award-winning product prevents the phone from falling to the floor, should it slip out of the user’s hand.

The individualisable mobile phone accessory MyBunjee that comes in a range of different colours is produced from recyclable silicon – a trendy material that matches the target group of Smartphone-enthusiasts perfectly.

Bunjee Products Ltd

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