Spritzen-Kugelschreiber_smallPräsentstudio Soennecken put in a convincing performance at the Promotional Gift Award 2014 with a ballpoint pen in the design of a syringe.

The background: The supplier Ivoclar from Lichtenstein delivers syringes to dental technicians and dentists. The syringes contain a paste that is injected into the drilled teeth to form a filling. The interior of the syringes was exchanged with that of a ballpoint pen. The approx. 150 sales representatives of Ivoclar presented the original syringes as a new product to dental technicians and dentists and left a ballpoint pen of identical appearance packed inside a gift box behind as a haptic memory jogger.

The sustainability of the tailor-made product that was distinguished with an award in the category Custom-made Designs is also commendable: All of the materials used are recyclable and what’s more the item carries the “made in Germany” quality seal.

Präsentstudio SOENNECKEN e.K.

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