Nescafe-Taschenschirm-smallK+M Werbemittel received a Promotional Gift Award in the category Custom-made Designs for the Nescafé Pocket Umbrella, which was developed in cooperation with Fare. An innovative printing process that also makes it possible to use the underside of the umbrella fabric as an advertising surface was implemented to embellish the pocket umbrella. The innovative customising technique opens up completely new design options for promoting companies. It namely allows four-colour all-over motifs with rasters and colour gradients to be printed on the underside of the material, the colour of which can be chosen to match the promoting company’s corporate identity. The layout is printed onto a film and one side of the film is permanently attached to the umbrella fabric, hence the outer surface of the umbrella fabric remains neutral.

Since the interior surface of the fabric is used as an advertising surface as opposed to the customary outer surface, the umbrella carrier can be targeted much more directly, without waste coverage to people, who are stood out in the rain around the umbrella carrier. Moreover, this method allows a discrete solution for conveying advertising messages.

The item is produced in a BSCI-certified factory.

Fare – Guenther Fassbender GmbH

K+M Werbemittel GmbH

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