AgfaPhotoThe Doodleflag presented by B-Looney is an original and likeable children’s give-away that creative kids can design in the colours of their choice.

The paper flags made of recycled paper, which claimed an award in the category Give-aways, can be imprinted with individual motifs that the promoting company can select itself. The small artists can colour in pictures using their own imagination with the four wax crayons that lend the flag a plastic-look finish. The product encourages children to engage in a creative pastime. This not only pleases the youngsters, but also their parents, because the Doodleflag is an original way of keeping the kids occupied for instance when whiling away boring waiting times.

The “made in the UK” item makes an excellent and favourably-priced give-away for restaurants, retail shops, hotels, travel companies and service stations or for implementation at events.

B-Looney Ltd

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