notizhalterThe company Corporate Design Promotion convinced the jury of the Promotional Gift Award 2014 with a well-filled stomach. The haptic explanatory aid developed for the anti-heartburn medicine Gaviscon that comes in the form of a memo holder demonstrates how the medicine works using a model of a stomach and two liquids: As a result of their different densities, the two liquids separate. The stomach liquid is depicted in the colour light blue, whereas the pink liquid represents the Gaviscon protective barrier. When the model of the stomach is shaken the pink protective barrier always rises to the top.

The haptic explanatory aid in memo holder design, which picked up an award in the category Custom-made Designs, is made out of high-quality materials and is very eye-catching as a result of its distinctive design, which at the same time draws attention to the logo or advertising message that can be placed on all four sides of the base.

Corporate Design Promotion

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