Knallbonbon_smallThe German broadcast station NDR Media presented the listeners and fans of the popular radio comedy “„Breakfast at Stefanies“ with a striking merchandising item that proved to be a real cracker at the end of the year and which was rewarded with a Promotional Gift Award 2014 in the category Best Practice. Based on the radio character Grandfather Gehrke, also known as Grandfather Bumms, who enjoys doing crossword puzzles in the series and has a slight inclination towards being a pyromaniac, a sweet cracker set was developed for an off-air promotion of the radio channel, NDR 2, which was combined with quiz questions. Due to the content-based connection between the promotional product and the contents of the series, the sweet cracker set, which is manufactured in Germany, has a very high identification potential. As such, the high-impacting messenger, which also stands out because of its high-quality design, provided plenty of entertainment for young and old alike at the turn of the year.

NDR Media GmbH

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