GWW eppi magazine werbeartikel nachrichten wa mediaD – During its annual general meeting, which was held in Düsseldorf on December 16, 2013, the members of the GWW (German Promotional Products Association e.V.) unanimously reelected the acting Board of Directors. In addition to the Chairman Patrick Politze (BWL – German suppliers’ association), Hans-Joachim Evers (bwg – German distributors’ association) and Michael Freter (PSI Reed Exhibitions Deutschland GmbH) were reappointed as Vice Chairmen of the umbrella association. Klaus Rosenberger (AKW – German association of brand manufactures) also retains the position of treasurer for the next two years.

Furthermore, during the annual meeting the members came to the unanimous decision that measures for a uniform association are to be taken and the issue of whether and how all of the associations and companies currently organised under the GWW (BWL, AKW, bwg, PSI) can be united within one organisation is to be addressed. “This will set the foundation for a change in the structure of the association landscape of the German promotional products industry, so that the umbrella association can assert itself for the needs of the industry in a more uniform, efficient and successful manner,“ commented Patrick Politze. By the end of 2014, all of the individual associations are to decide whether they want to accept the new structures of a single industry association, which will have been laid down by then, or whether they prefer to remain an individual association in their own right.

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