VIERING 4c beigeD – On April 12, 2013 German distributor company Viering filed for insolvency at the District Court of Coesfeld. “Due to the negative special factors within the full-service business, which have had a direct effect on the liquidity of the company, the management saw itself forced to take this step,” according to the official statement. It was also stated that one could however already announce that a “positive prognosis for the continuance of the concern together with a strategic investor” is in sight. Allegedly a recovery plan involving this forward-looking cooperation is currently being worked out with the provisional insolvency administrator, Michael Mönig.

Viering was founded in 1976 as Peter Viering GmbH and has been under the direction of Mark-Oliver Schrader since 1996. The company has particularly made a name for itself as a creative full-service provider and as an innovative exhibition organiser on the promotional products market, i.e. with the annual trade show Promotion Days.

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