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D – German supplier company elasto form KG took over the HNC AG on April 19, 2013. The founder of HNC, Helmut Hör, had put his company up for sale for personal reasons and reached a fast agreement with the elasto form owners. “Even though the take-over was completed so quickly, neither the customers nor the employees have cause for concern, because the company HNC will continue to operate as hitherto and the orders will be processed on time and reliably,“ explained Günther Sperber, board member of elasto form. The alleged aim is to bring the HNC AG back to its “old“ strength and continually expand the product range and the opportunities.

elasto form was founded 33 years ago by Gerhard Sperber and his wife Hertha. Since 2013 the company has been under the direction of their sons Marcus and Frank Sperber together with Gerhard Sperber’s brother, Günther.



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