EU – On February 13, 2013 the EU Commission in Brussels presented a proposal for a new regulation on the safety of consumer products as an integral part of its “Product Safety and Market Monitoring Package“. The envisaged regulations pertain to consumer products that result from a manufacturing process (except for foodstuffs) and are to replace the guideline on general product safety, 2001/95/EG. The guideline 87/357/EWG which governs food imitations that could pose a threat to the safety of the consumer if eaten by mistake, is also to be integrated into the new regulation. Furthermore, the EU package contains a proposal for the implementation of one single market monitoring regulation as well as a multiannual action plan, which is to be put into practice by the year 2015.

The aim of the reorganisation is to standardise the present provisions and increase the level of health and consumer protection. It was stated that there are currently overlaps in the various requirements contained in the different Union rules, which are causing great insecurity among the economic players and among the national authorities and which make it difficult to monitor the marketing within the Union. In future stricter controls and a better traceability of the products that are placed on or made available to the market of the Union countries are to be introduced.

The proposals demands under the item “General Provisions” that the products are labelled with the respective country of origin. If there is not enough room on the product to do so, these details should be visible on the packaging or on attached documentation. If the country of origin is a member of the Union, the country of origin indicated on the product can either be listed as the EU or as the respective member state.


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