Stanley & Stella 

Stanley and Stella are the names of two characters out of the 1950s film classic “A Streetcar Named Desire“. Stella, gentle and sweet, her seductive husband Stanley –played by the young Marlon Brando – a rough character in a sweaty T-shirt. The two film characters inspired the creation of a new Belgian fashion brand that was brought to life in January 2012 by Jean Chabert: Stanley & Stella.

One scene in the film is particularly symptomatic: Stanley rips his soaking wet T-shirt off his body, puts on a new one and immediately looks immaculate again. So, the T-shirt becomes a rebellious fashion symbol. “Stanley and Stella stand for courage, individuality and uncontrollable emotion. Inspired by this zest for life we have launched the brand ‘Stanley & Stella’,” reports Audrey Bacherius, Communication Manager at “Stanley & Stella”.

The new brand, that was founded in Belgium and which was officially launched at the PSI Show, is however much more than a reminiscence of two film heroes: It comprises of a fashionable collection of individually customisable garments and the appropriate printing service. “We wanted to develop something completely different. Something that the promotional products market isn’t familiar with in this form, but indeed something it needs.“


The collection of the start-ups excels because of its attractive, fashionable appearance, stylish cuts and modern flair comprising of 31 different models and 28 colours. “Our aim wasn’t purely to launch a coherent, daring collection. Sustainability is also an elementary factor of our corporate philosophy.

As such we manufacture 90% of our collection from eco-friendly materials such as Tencel® – a synthetic fibre made of cellulose – and biocotton, which is produced in compliance with sustainable and ethically responsible guidelines.“ Over 99% of the solvents used are recycled. Furthermore, the company tries to reduce its water consumption down to a minimum. The entire waste water is cleaned and reused. According to official sources the dying process is completely in line with the highest demands of the GOTS standards.

“Stanley & Stella“ has drawn up a code of conduct with its suppliers in order to guarantee that the operations comply with the highest, legal, economic and ethical standards. “Our fashion should not be merely attractive, but also fair,“ explained Bacherius.

Bacherius, Communication Manager at “Stanley & Stella”, presenting the first-class printing quality of the models at the PSI.

acherius, Communication Manager at “Stanley & Stella”, presenting the first-class printing quality of the models at the PSI.

A further special feature: The collection comprises of high-quality, first-class items. Bacherius: “This allows us to distinguish ourselves from our competitors. We are convinced that companies rely on consistent, durable and high-quality products, even if they are slightly more expensive.“

“Stanley & Stella“ currently employ eight people. All of the clothes are manufactured in Turkey and in Romania.


The company offers various imprinting and embroidery options to ensure that the product meets the requirements of the brand, the promoting company or the client’s project. Each product can be customised on the front and back, on the sleeves and the collar for order volumes of 20 upwards. “We consciously don’t overemphasise our brand name, instead we opt for a more discrete branding, which offers the promoting company a wider range of individualising options. Our screen printing experts ensure that the embellishing applied is of the highest standard and that the print quality is excellent so that the messages stick in the minds of the onlookers. And that it is as permanent and long-term as possible, i.e. pleasing and sustainable,“ explained Bacherius.

Even extremely thin 80 g/m² T-shirts can be imprinted. “This is due to the high quality of the products. The T-shirts are very thin, but yet still not see-through. They are exactly like a 145 g/m² standard T-shirt. As soon as you hold our garments in your hand, you can feel how soft and cosy they are.“

In order to align the fashion precisely with the needs of the client “Stanley & Stella“ offer an exclusive service for individual orders. Bacherius: “We analyse the product and the imprint together with the client to make sure that the best possible result is achieved. We want to convince the customers that textiles can communicate messages and that they are perfectly suitable for conveying the image of a brand.“ And perhaps the young start-up company will become just as well-known to the users as Stanley and Stella. LS

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