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On the “Promotional Products Day” and the “European Directory of Verified Distributors” planned by the PSI


André Noordwijk, Board member of the Dutch industry association PPP

“PPP awaits an invitation of the PSI-organization regarding discussing the details of the Promotional Products Day, as planned or initiated by the PSI-organization. As trade-association of both distributors and suppliers, PPP attaches great importance to questioning our members and find out their opinion on the proposal. Therefore we ask all our members to participate in a poll on our website. After gathering the results of the poll, and having had more details of the PSI-organization, the PPP-Board will make further statements in this matter.”


Michael Mätzener, Board Member of the Swiss industry association, Promoswiss

“We learnt about the plans of the PSI to establish a ‘Promotional Products Day’ from the press, the PSI didn’t inform us about this in advance.  We will now ask the PSI for the opportunity to discuss this issue with them because we are not happy about their plans for a ‘Promotional Product’s Day’. Of course one cannot prevent developments and changes on the market, and the profession of the promotional products distributors has to continually move with the times too. However, we find it a very dangerous move to open up a closed show like the PSI to industry customers.

On the topic of the ‘European Directory of Verified Distributors’ also planned by the PSI: A cooperation between the Promoswiss and the PSI was planned here, during the course of which the Promoswiss members were to be included in the database, which would entitle them to attend the PSI Show. However, in the face of the present developments regarding the ‘Promotional Products Day’, this cooperation has initially been put on ice.“


Konrad Godec, President of the Austrian industry association, VÖW

“Nobody from the PSI has contacted me in my capacity as President of the VÖW. According to my current information, all of the VÖW members are against the announced intention to open up the PSI Show for end customers. A separate, controlled opening of the show is not realisable, one already comes across end customers at the show – in spite of this being against the rules.“


Joachim Schulz, Chairman of the bwg, the German association of distributors

“In the distributors‘ opinion the structure of the market  – suppliers, distributors, end customers – would be in great danger if the PSI Show opens its doors to end customers. The bwg is against the show being opened up to industry customers, in whatever form. We are holding intensive discussions with the supplier association, the BWL, in order to prevent this from happening. The industry associations will be meeting up with Michael Freter in the near future to discuss the matter.“


Ralf Samuel, Executive Director of the German suppliers association, the BWL

“Neither the Executive Board nor the management of the BWL have been officially informed about the PSI’s plans. There have been no discussions about the PSI Show being opened up to end customers.”


Hans van der Ouw, founder of the international distributor’s group IGC Global Promotions

“I do appreciate the current discussion and I am not against the PSI’s plans of establishing a ‘Promotional Products Day’. In doing so, the PSI legalises what is actually happening all the time: Although officially not permitted, a number of end customers are already being granted permission to the PSI fair. It would be one step too far to open the fair for end customers without any restriction. But if they are being invited and accompanied by a distributor, there remains a certain control. As a matter of fact, many exhibitors at PSI do want to establish new contacts. A plus in visitors would bring a much appreciated business boost to the fair, which is to a great extent pretty much of a ‘social event’ at the moment.”