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All of the manufacturers, importers, distributors or dealers, designers, advertising agencies and companies from Europe and all over the world are invited to participate in the international PROMOTIONAL GIFT AWARD.
Each participant can submit as many articles as he likes to the jury. All products can be submitted that are suitable for mass production, as well as special designs that are or were manufactured in line with customer requirements.
It is essential that the submitted products are own designs. Freely aquirable commodities are excluded.
For the judging process original products are needed including all necessary batteries or other accessories. One-off items, products that are not (yet) suitable for mass-production, half-finished products, as well as services and immaterial products are ruled out from the competition.



The prizes will be awarded in seven different categories.

In this category prizes are awarded to products, which particularly attract a wide target group as a result of their function and which are suitable for distribution in larger or large quantities or as mailings as a result of their favourable prices.

Communicative Products
In this category products are honoured which prove extremely suitable to thematically emphasise or communicate company objectives, advertising messages and marketing contents as a result of their design and/or function.

Premium Products & Brand Articles
In this category products that are vividly able to express the high esteem of a promoting company for its target group (s) will receive an award.

Custom-made Designs
In this category prizes will be awarded to products which have been created and realised according to special customer requirements or which have arisen through the modification of existing articles. The modification may however not just consist of a change to the packaging and/or colour of the item or by the addition of an advertising imprint.

Customising Technologies
Embellishing techniques, which offer something new – whether it be in the form of a completely new customising technique or the qualitative improvement of an existing method. The spectrum here ranges from printing and laser techniques, to embroidery and embossing, through to doming.

Forms of packaging that are either particularly creative, implement new materials or offer an added value, by improving the handling, safety or storability of the items.

Best Practice
Products that have been implemented in the scope of a specific campaign and which pick up on the communicative objective in an exceptional way and thus evoke a positive response.


Function/ Area of Application

Within the seven categories the promotional products fulfil a function. They are applied within certain areas of application. All functions/areas of application can be summarised into six areas:

>> Sales promotion A: Article for personal contact / personal dialogue
>> Sales promotion B: Onpack item/onpack premium
>> Trade show communication: Item for use at shows (not for the invitations/direct marketing)
>> Mailing booster (Direct marketing)
>> Contact gift: Customer bonding
>> Promotion: Application at the Point of sale POS/street promotion


Judging criteria

The Promotional Gift Award honours products that fulfil the requirement profile of a modern, highly communicative promotional product to an excellent degree.
The judges will assess all of the submitted products according to five criteria. First of all the product idea is evaluated, i.e. its novelty value as a promotional product. Then, the design quality, the coherence of its form, the degree of its design innovation. The third criterion is the production quality, taking into account aspects such as the material used and customising possibilities. Fourthly, the judges evaluate the sustainability of the products, their durability, the use of the resources and their transparency in terms of certifications or seals. Last, but not least: The products are appraised in terms of their communicative potential, the communication of the message, the promotional impact and the item’s customer/brand bonding potential.



All of the submitted items will be evaluated by a jury in a selection process that is not open to the public and prizes will be awarded in the different categories.

The members of the jury for the Promotional Gift Award 2014:

-Nana Kreyenberg, Volkswagen Zubehör GmbH, D-Wolfsburg
-Michael Mätzener, diewerbeartikel GmbH, CH-Schwyz
-Michael Scherer, WA Verlag GmbH, D-Köln
-Eva Spahn, Lufthansa WorldShop GmbH, D-Frankfurt
-Martin Zettl, marke [ding] e.U., A-Wels

The jury’s decision is legally binding. There is no right of appeal. The organiser is obliged to inform the participants of the judging process within the period of time stated in the entry particulars.


Award, distinction and publicity

The award-winning companies receive an award sculpture, a certificate and digital data for the compilation of further advertising materials for each awarded product.
Both individual products and product families can be awarded prizes.
Exclusively those companies that have submitted a product to the judging process are entitled to use the received award for marketing, communication and advertising purposes. The Awards will be presented at the HAPTICA® live in Cologne on March 25, 2015. Furthermore, the prize-winning products will be communicated in the trade magazines Werbeartikel Nachrichten, Promotion Products, HAPTICA® and eppi magazine as well as in their corresponding newsletters and on the web (media value of at least 2,500 €).

Key dates and contact partners

The entries are to be addressed to the organisational management of the Promotional Gift Award:

WA Verlag GmbH
Promotional Gift Award
Walther Str. 49-51
Geb. 32
D-51069 Cologne

In the event of enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact:

Brit München
Tel.: +49/221/689 11-35
Fax: +49/221/689 11-10

The entry deadline is November 14, 2014.
The judging process will take place in December 2014.  All participants will be informed of the results by end of December, 2014.

The costs for the delivery and collection ― including any possible customs duties ― of the submitted items are to be borne by the participating company. The organiser assumes no liability for the proper or functionally correct construction of submitted articles that are dismantled.