Promotional Gift Award – branch opinions

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“We have profited greatly from the Award: It has brought us attention, enthusiasm and many enquiries from companies. We are proud to keep on communicating the fact that we won a Promotional Gift Award. For example we use the logo in our emails and on our website. It was interesting to observe that the Award is not only familiar within the promotional products industry, but also among the agencies.“

Norbert Corsten, D-Erkrath
Norbert Corsten


“The prize and the related PR have really boosted our business on the promotional products market. We have received orders from all over Europe. Thanks to the comprehensive coverage we were able to get a foothold on the European market much more quickly than expected.“

Retap, DK-Frederiksberg
Lars Brøndum Petersen


“As an agency for marketing and product development it is of course very important for us that our design work receives acknowledgement. If industry experts, among them also designers, confirm that our work is good, then this also shows our customers that we are providing them with more than just the mere standard. It is an important motivation for our team too.“

O-Box, D-Darmstadt
Stephanie Heitz


“Awards can be a pure marketing instrument, but the Promotional Gift Award is much more – the event radiates commitment and enthusiasm. Winning the award and the subsequent coverage brought us a lot of attention. We were particularly surprised by the reactions from the German-speaking countries abroad. For Fahrer the Award is an additional qualification that we use in our dialogues with the customers.“

Fahrer, D-Berlin
Joachim Leffler


“It is good that our branch has such an Award because it makes the market more professional. We operate worldwide, primarily in Asia and the USA, and we keep on noticing that German Awards go down very well in these countries.“

PSL Europe NL-Zoetermeer
Hendrik Koemans


“The Promotional Gift Award is the most famous prize throughout the promotional products branch. After ten years it has established itself as a European constant and acts as a symbol of quality. We use the logo for advertising purposes to demonstrate that we offer award-winning products which provides us with a USP compared to our fellow competitors.“

Meterex, D-Langenfeld
Oliver Kuntze


“For Koziol the Promotional Gift Award is one of the most important distinctions on the promotion scene – which is of far-reaching international esteem. Such an award is valuable confirmation of our high design and product quality assessed by a top-class jury and last, but not least great motivation for our internationally operating designers.”

Uwe Thielsch
Koziol »ideas for friends GmbH, D-Erbach/Odenwald


“First of all it is important for us to receive the endorsement that we are doing the right things. Secondly, it is an excellent opportunity for reaching new European customers.”

Cecilia Grahn Nyd
Keback AB, S-Halmstad


“The Promotional Gift Award is an award of great renown and also a quality seal. We are very proud to win this distinction, for us it serves as confirmation of our work. However, at the same time it is also a commitment and acts as an incentive to further develop our product.”

Alexander Quehl
Lanybook Europe, D-Worms


“A new product is often ignored. Yet, once it has won a prize, the customers suddenly want to know more about it.”

Tim van der Laan
Tim! Green Gifts, NL-CK Den Dolder


“For us the distinction is a clear sales argument vis-à-vis the promotional products trade and the industry, the related press coverage and the product presentation at the Promotion World are welcome advertising.”

Ulrike Lange
Senator GmbH & Co. KGaA, D-Groß-Bieberau


“Winning the Promotional Gift Award not only has a direct impact on the award-winning product, but also serves as a door opener to customers and thus it has a positive effect on the entire spectrum of products.”

Rolf Daiber
Gustav Daiber GmbH, D-Albstadt