Schneider expands its capacities

The building boasts a textile front which has been printed all-over. In total, more than 2,000 m² of polyester were used, which have been printed in 1,080 dpi using a multilayer printing process.

D – Schneider Schreibgeräte has expanded its location. The new building that is around two kilometres away from the headquarters offers urgently needed space for the storage of finished goods and the worldwide logistics of the writing instrument manufacturer. In future, all finished products from the production sites in Schramberg and Wernigerode will be stored on floor space covering 5,800 m² and the customer orders will be commissioned and dispatched all over the world from here. Cutting edge IT technology is implemented to this end, so that the entire processes can be carried out by around 15 employees. In line with the high environmental demands of the EMAS-certified company, it has invested in a 23 KW combined heating and power station and a 44 KWp photovoltaic system with eco-friendly equipment. Furthermore, the building has electric vehicle charging stations for trucks, cars and ebikes.

The vertical conveyor can transport 30 pallets per hour over all four store levels.

Four new loading ramps guarantee more flexibility for the order processing.

The new building is called “blulog”. The name is the result of an in-house competition organised by the marketing department and refers to the appearance and function of the building: “Blu” stands for the blue Schneider corporate colour that spans the building, “log” for logistics. The official inauguration of the new building took place on July 1, 2017 and was attended by around 400 employees. One day later the public was invited to view the site.


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